’93 til infinity.

Bikes on Wheels is your neighbourhood bike shop located in Kensington Market, supporting Toronto cyclists and cross-town commuters since 1993.

While the shop began in ’93 as a worker’s co-op, it eventually transitioned to an owner-operated business currently led by Sean Killen. Sean came to Bikes on Wheels 20 years ago as a part-time employee. In 2009, he purchased the business with a vision to build on its history and grow the bike community in Toronto. A race and bmx freestyle team was formed, services like repair workshops and custom builds were added, and a BOW apparel line was created.

Today, Sean, along with a crew of bike-minded experts run the day to day, delivering knowledgable and helpful service for Toronto’s cycling community.

Whether your bike gets you around on the city streets, a track, or out on the open road, Bikes on Wheel has your back.